I am passionate about teaching and this has been noted in anonymous student feedback (see below) and was recognized with the Teaching Award I received from Northwestern Universiy’s Kellogg School of Management.  Courses I have taught include: Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Management, Leadership, Organizational Change, and Capstone Business Policy and Strategy.  MBAs, Undergraduates and Executives who take my courses particularly appreciate my ability to integrate my research, work and consulting experiences into class discussions.


Below is anonymous feedback received from students (records on file):


Definitely the best professor at McCombs!


Awesome professor!  Thanks for caring about our progress and us actually learning the concepts.


He was great!  Good real-life applications and personal stories!  I liked the structure of the class a lot.  Great course and great instructor!


One of the best profs. I’ve had at UT. Excellent class, would take it again in a heartbeat.


One of the best and most applicable classes that I have taken at UT


Excellent range of materials discussed with very interesting case studies.  You’re a highly intelligent, passionate, engaging professor with a fantastic sense of humor.


The topics are great, the reading material is superb. I am also enjoying the group dynamic everyone is eager to learn and share their own experience.


I like your passion for the subjects and the work is interesting.


Dr. Martorana applied the class to the real world. He truly cares about the students.


Very good professor, my favorite.


Great class!  Actually able to apply techniques and practice with a very enthusiastic professor that was passionate and knowledgeable!


The instructor was always very well prepared and brought a lot of great insights to the class. Overall, definitely retain this instructor and I endorse him for tenure.


Great class, great teacher.  Very personable and encouraged class participation.


Great class, I loved the discussions.


Had a lot of concern for students’ well being both inside and outside of class.


Instructor really cared about our progress.


Great professor, makes me feel comfortable negotiating.


Great professor – enjoyed the energy level


Very well organized, very useful beyond the classroom.


Great at applying the class to real world experiences and gave great examples. 


Thanks Paul! You rock!


I really enjoyed this course and feel it will be very useful to me in the future. I also enjoyed the speakers he brought in regularly. He was very enthusiastic about the material.


I especially like the real life applications of our class material.  Thanks!


I will use this information for the rest of my life.


I like the variety of topics that are being covered by the Professor. I like the case studies and the general class dynamics


The course is very well organized, especially the power point slides. They are accurate and to the point.


The professor seriously makes this class my favorite course I have this semester. I enjoy the mix of case studies, videos, group work etc. The professor is also extremely knowledgeable about management, as he has experience in research and the work place – makes him a credible speaker. This course could easily be blaa blaa blaaa, but he makes it so that I am actually gaining some important knowledge that I can directly use in my future careers and internships.


I love that this class is so different from any other, in that the professor incorporates so many new and cool things into his teaching style. For example, the videos, the presentations, and the encouragement for class participation are highly desirable by students like myself.


I think the class is very well organized and teaches real life examples and scenarios.  Managing is something I never realized is so complex.


What I like most if the fact that we use real world examples in our discussions.  I also like how the Professor has everyone involved with the discussions.


I like the discussions about controversial workplace issues


I find it very interesting and engaging.  I especially like how we are allowed to speak our opinions and have an open forum discussion on the topics at hand.


I like the fact that the students are encouraged to voice their opinion and the fact that it is not a class where the professor simply lectures the entire time.


I appreciate that you always calling the students by their names in class.  This is great because we get to know each other and respond directly to each other’s comments; most other professors don’t always do this, which makes class discussions very impersonal.


Highly practical knowledge with very useful skills. Really like learning about business leaders.


Great Professor.


Great learning experience


Excellent course – I loved the practical experience and the readings and discussions were very helpful.


Enjoyed the course! Thank you… Enjoyed the discussions!!


Class was fun and a great learning opportunity!